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Dualseelen Trennung

Seelenpartner: Die Trennung schmerzt so unglaublich Für mich stellte es das größte Glück dar, meinen Seelenpartner zu finden. Doch zugleich war es auch mein größtes Unglück, denn mein Seelenpartner und ich sind räumlich getrennt. Eine Distanz, die die Seele schier zerbrechen lässt. #vidensus #Seelenpartner #Wahrsagen #Kartenlegen


Pearl Of Wisdom: Wait for someone who could be the moon for you. Ju...

♡"Love is a flame that burns everything other than itself. It is the destruction of all that is false and the fulfillment of all that is true...


♥ When we say "my Twin Flame is not ready yet" ♥ When we say "my twin flame is the "runner" ♥ We are talking about ourselves ♥ merely the sub-conscious blockage within ourselves that we project ♥ ♥ In this transitioning time, until we understand the twin flame reunion as vibration and energy from within the inner polarity, expressed in the Earth relating life ♥ we can only project from a limited separated consciousness~words by Liora Consciousness Project Aware


Dream Kitchen Dream Kitchen Dream #Kitchen Dream Kitchen Dream Kitchen Dream Kitchen


Sexual Intimacy and Its Connection with Aural Energy – Fractal Enlightenment


11 Signs of TF Awakening - "1. Separation - changed into Oneness 2. Longing - changed into Attraction 3. Control - changed into Faith 4. Low Self Esteem - changed into Faith in Oneself 5. Blaming - changed into Embracing 6. Projecting - changed into Loving Oneself 7. Living in the past (victim) - changed into Grounded in the NOW 8. Lack - changed into Abundance 9. Pain - changed into Happiness 10. Fear - changed into Trust 11. Fear of sexual intimacy - changed into Passion of Sexual…