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Derek Waters Explains His TV Series ‘Drunk History’

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Drunk History: Harriet Tubman Leads an Army of Bad-Ass Bitches

Drunk History (TV Series 2013– ) This show is hilarious, and I actually learn stuff!

Drunk History. It is kind of sad that there's more history on Comedy Central than History Channel. Hilarious.


Drunk history.. Ok so this show is new to me, a bit strange at first but I really found it funny .. Maybe bc I had nothing else to do idk? But it's worth watching a few times! Try it out!

literal signage from Drunk History

literal signage from Drunk History


New York | 1925// My home town NYC. Born and raised. I remember having to have to do a report in school on the eras of NYC.

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31 Times Patrick Stump Ruined All Other Men For You

When he fully embraced an opportunity to make fun of himself earlier this year, and made you love him more.


Jen Kirkman - Drunk History