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Dressur Olympia 2016 Damen

Eric Lamaze and Fine Lady 5 2016 Rio Olympic Games - Team Show Jumping Day 2…

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6 Micro Lessons with Charlotte Dujardin

Adapted work from ©FEI/Arnd Bronkhorst/Pool Pic/World Cup Final 2015


Lorraine Buck and Cecily-Anne Broncko compete in the first ever 'Womens couples horse-free-no-harm-to-animals Dressage' event at the '53 Olympics.


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Dressage is one of the Olympic equestrian sports. The modern Olympics commenced in 1896 with equestrian events appearing in the 1900 Paris Games. It was the 1912 Stockholm Games where the 'military test' first appeared and evolved into the separate Olympic disciplines of dressage, eventing, and stadium jumping. Horses have been used as mounts for the military since early history. As... #dressage

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Spring Summer 2016: Backstage Beauty Bites

While it is true that clothing should be the most important aspect of a show, it does not take away the importance and possible impact that makeup and and accessories have upon the whole ambiance of the look. Little details such as blue mascara, and bow ties near the neck is a trend that we will see next summer.-Sarah Cardenas