Jane Seymour (Michaela Quinn) and Joe Lando (Sully)

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Still of <a href='/name/nm0005412/?ref_=m_nmmi_mi_nm'>Jane Seymour</a> and <a href='/name/nm0484880/?ref_=m_nmmi_mi_nm'>Joe Lando</a> in <a href='/title/tt0103405/?ref_=m_nmmi_mi_nm'>Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman</a> (1993)

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I love Dr. Quinn's look here...women just dressed classy not trashy back then.

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Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman 1994 Emmy ad with Jane Seymour 'The Doctor Is In'

DR.QUINN WORLD Forum - Charaktere - Cloud Dancing

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Dr Susan Anderson/basis of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman television series ~ Colorado City Colorado ~ 1897

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One of my favorite quotes. From Dr. Quinn.

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dr quinn medicine woman season 3 pics - Google Search

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Dr Quinn Medicine Woman

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