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Doris Day Show

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The Star Every Romantic Comedy Heroine Should Thank

Doris Day as 'Doris Martin' in The Doris Day Show (1968-73, CBS)


The Doris Day Show- used to beg to stay up late enough to watch this show, it was on a school night...LOL


doris day calamity jane - with howard keel


Remington Steele. Loved Laura's spunkiness and creativity that prompted her to create Remington Steele a non-existent MALE private investigator when she realized no one hired her because she was a WOMAN. She was the brains behind the outfit but "Remington" usually got the credit and stole the show. He was also fond of spouting old movie trivia if you remember. Mildred joined the firm as their office assistant who pretty much got caught up in the investigations as well.


Doris Mary Ann Day - Born April 3rd, 1924. Favorite appearances include Pillow Talk in 1959, Lover Come Back in 1961, and ending with The Thrill of it All and Move Over, Darling in 1963. Upon her husband's death on April 20, 1968, Day learned that he had committed her to a television series, which became The Doris Day Show. She's my grandma's favorite actress and my moms - I guess she'll just have to be one of mine as well.


The Doris Day Show: Season 1

Doris Day - my Mom looked like her & people would comment on it constantly. She would always reply, "I am her sister Doo-Da-Day".