Disneyland peter pan

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Peter Pan at Disneyland. Look the most awesomest person in the world is reading to himself.

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Community Post: 14 Reasons The Peter Pans At Disneyland Are The Most Adorable…

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okay this is funny, I wish this happened to me. Except I don't really like Peter Pan

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How to do your job right... What a great experience! You go, Peter Pan!

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Further proof that Disney is the best place on Earth…CLICK THROUGH ITS SO CUTE

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Disneyland's Peter Pan. http://imgur.com/gallery/UitMx

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So, I don't like when people ship Peter and Wendy, because I've read the book, and there is no romance, just friendship, but this is adorable!

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And this is why I adore the Disneyland Peter Pans. I hope to become a Face Character, and when I do, I will hang out with Peter all day.

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Disneyland's Peter Pan - Imgur

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