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Die Outsider Film

Brother Outsider (2003) A profile of civil rights leader Bayard Rustin, a gay, black activist who worked behind the scenes of the civil rights movement, most notably as the organizer of the 1963 March on Washington. And other social justice videos!


Beeld uit de film Canvas, die gaat over ‘outsider kunstenaar’ Jake McCord uit Thomson-Georgia. Gemaakt door kunstenaar Chiel Aldershoff


Understanding wolf clan hierarchy~ One of the breeding pair dies and the remaining wolf finds another mate Adopting orphaned pups - all wolves love cubs and are programmed to protect and nurture them, which can extend to pups that are not related to themselves The outsider wolf is related, for example siblings of the breeding pair. ~By Instinct Film

Drawing inspiration from the likes of outsider art, Southern Gothic fiction, and Victor Erice's 1973 film The Spirit of the Beehive, Michael Tully's singular Septien is that rare art-house film that delivers equal measures of laughter, darkness, and beauty. Suddenly and without explanation, Cornelius Rawlings, The Athlete (Tully, in one of the year's most memorable performances) returns to his family's Tennessee farm eighteen years after he disappeared. His parents have died, but his two…


In the ralms of the unreal. The mystery of Henry Darger. This documentary follows not the artist (as he wasn't even known as an artist), but the man (interviews of which consist of landlords acquaintances, as anyone who had ever managed to get closer to him has long since died or was unable to be tracked down), who hated talking to people, dug through old newspapers for pictures, and had only a vague knowledge of sex (the opposite or the act). Among other things.


Die nachgebaute bemalte Zelle von Julius Klingebiel - the cell of psychiatric patient Julius Klingebiel in Göttingen. For years he has painted artfully from floor to ceiling, today it is an outstanding example of the so-called outsider art. Only now, 50 years after the artist's death, it is shown to the public, because the work of art is in the locked ward of a Psychiatry. For the first time allowed to film in the original cell, a film crew.

The Outsider (4 stars) Being overlong and highly predictable didn't diminish my enjoyment of this Showtime Western. Naomi Watts gives a tremendous performance as a widow in a Mennonite-like community where outsiders are looked harshly upon. She takes in a gunslinger who has nearly died and allows him to stay until he is well (and beyond). I didn't feel much chemistry between Watts and Daly, but the performances overrode that. Worth seeking out.


Other than Jerry Dandrige who's the main villain in Fright Night, the secondary antagonist is Ed Thompson (a.k.a."Evil Ed"). Evil Ed's role in the film starts as being an outsider who also happens to be Charlie's best friend, but after a while Jerry focuses on and exploits Ed's weakness as an outsider and uses it to his advantage. After turning Ed into a vampire, Jerry has Ed go after vampire hunter Peter Vincent. In the end Ed sadly dies.

Sheila Sim (June 5, 1922 - January 19, 2016) has died at age 93. The British born actress was a graduate, and became an Associate Member of, The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. She costarred opposite husband Richard Attenborough in the original production of "The Mousetrap" and appeared alongside him in three films: 'Dancing with Crime', 'The Outsider' and 'The Magic Box'. Her other notable film roles are in 'A Canterbury Tale', 'Pandora and the Flying Dutchman' and 'The Night My Number Came…

Tony Curtis -- (6/3/1925-9/29/2010). American Film Actor. Movies -- "The Outsider" as Ira Hamilton Hayes, "Some Like It Hot" as Joe, "The Defiant Ones" as John 'Joker' Jackson, "The Boston Strangler" as Albert DeSalvo, "Sweet Smell of Success" as Sidney Falco, "Forbidden" as Eddie Darrow and "Spartacus" as Antoninus. He died of Cardiac Arrest, age 85. Born: Bernard Schwartz.