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Die Französische Revolution

1767-1768 Austrian - Marie Antoinette at age 12 by Martin van Meytens (Schönbrunn - Wien Austria) | Grand Ladies | gogm


City life at its best: Quartier Latin (Latin Quarter) Paris. Astrogeographic position: in between the rebellious, individualistic, creative air sign Aquarius the sign of revolution and of leaving social classes behind and the highly imaginative, relaxed water sign Pisces the most important indicator for italian (latin) culture, music and art. 2nd coordinate is in Pisces too. Valid for field level 3 which describes how the quarter is embedded in the region of Paris.


Dresden Academy of Fine Arts | Historical-Dressing 2 4.Studienjahr An educational track dedicated to historical hairdressing.

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Strasburg Scout House

this is the hottest video game costume/uniform (WTH do I call this?) ever. Go French Revolution! Assassin's Creed Unity


Maria Theresa of Austria (Spanish: María Teresa; French: Marie-Thérèse) (10 September 1638 – 30 July 1683) was the daughter of Philip IV, King of Spain and Elizabeth of France. Maria Theresa was Queen of France as wife of King Louis XIV and mother of the Grand Dauphin, an ancestor of the last four Bourbon kings of France.


Die Französische Revolution - Teil 1: Der Kampf für die bürgerliche Freiheit | Helles Köpfchen

On 27 March 1785, Marie Antoinette gave birth to Louis XVII (1785-95). Known as Louis-Charles, duc de Normandie (1785-89); then Louis-Charles, Dauphin de France after the death of his brother (1789-91); then Louis-Charles, Prince Royal of France (1791-92); then Louis-Charles Capet during The Terror until his death (1792-95).