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Decimal Place Value Resources & Teaching Ideas

FREE Decimal Place Value Interactive Notebook Template and Ideas

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Decimal Place Value With Playing Cards!

It's easy to setup this fun decimal place value game.

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Decimal Place Value Enrichment: Decimal Logic Puzzles

Decimal Place Value Challenge Puzzles- Fifth Grade and up. Great Decimal Enrichment!

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5th Grade Decimal Unit: 70 pages of Lesson Materials! 5.NBT.3, 5.NBT.4, 5.NBT.7

Fifth Grade Math 10-Day Decimal Unit: 70 Pages of No-Prep Lesson Materials, Covers all Decimal Place Value and Decimal Operations, 5.NBT.3, 5.NBT.4, and 5.NBT.7

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Decimal Place Value Practice

Decimal Place Value Review: Use these repetitive practice decimal printables to review base-ten place value, powers of ten, rounding decimals, comparing decimals, and decimal forms (word form and expanded form).

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Decimal Place Value Decimal Game Puzzles 5.NBT.3

Decimal Place Value Puzzles CCSS 5.NBT.3, serve as a valuable asset to any 5th grade classroom. This is a great resource for review, math centers, group work and for interventions. This decimal place value puzzle set includes 24 puzzles, answer key, and an optional center instruction page. Your students will love learning about decimal place value with this product!


Decimal Place Value Parlor Ice Cream from Whimsy Resources on - (16 pages) - Decimal Place Value Parlor Instant Math Center Identify Decimal Place Value

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The Decimal Place Value Chart is a great tool for students to practice reading, writing, and comparing decimals. The chart ranges from the millions place to the millionths place. It includes spaces for 20 numbers.