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Deutsche Schule Istanbul

Nothing is as fascinating to me as cooking. After working in Moscow cafes and cooking schools I spent a year in Insead in France and Singapore, running Insead culinary club. Now back in Moscow I started Pinch of Cinnamon with its fun and relaxing cooking classes.

Anschlagsdrohungen in der Türkei gelten gezielt deutschen Interessen

Wegen einer Terrorwarnung in Istanbul wurden das deutsche Generalkonsulat, die deutsche Schule und die deutsche Botschaft geschlossen.

Deutsche Schule - Beyoglu

Dalai Lama: Ihr werdet seit Jahrzehnten manipuliert

Es ist eine Theorie, die oft in den Bereich der Mythen verwiesen wird: Wir Menschen seien über Jahrzehnte einer Gehirnwäsche durch Massenmedien wie Fernsehen, Zeitungen und nicht zuletzt dem Intern…


Kuleli Military High Schoolis the oldest military high school in Turkey, located in Çengelköy, Istanbul, on the Asian shore of the Bosphorus strait. It was founded on September 21, 1845, by Ottoman Sultan Abdülmecid I.

Turkish police raid Istanbul courthouses and detain more officers #TurkeyCoup Something big is going on in Turkey and the world is still sleeping. I have seen these things in the past in Africa and since Turkey is EU and NATO friendly the world is ignoring what #Erdogan is doing. They went into the streets to demonstrate for their "DEMOCRACY" and some even have attacked me on Social Media for daring to say that something makes no sense with Erdogan. As if I even know where Turkey is on…

Hotel Bosphorus, mystery, crime bookstore in Istanbul

THINGS TO DO IN ISTANBUL Karaköy, one of the oldest and historical parts of the Istanbul on the European side, is a very cosmopolit area with all the German, Greek, French, Austrian and Italian schools, churces, sinagogs, mosques and the monuments that were made by European communities...


1969 mercedes-benz 600 sedan