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Der Ewige Jude

A picture of the Nazi propaganda film ' the eternal Jew' , films such as these helped to brainwash the German citizens


Was tun mit dem Gift der Kinogeschichte?

Krieg der Bilder: Die antisemitische Propaganda rief mit der Ausstellung „Der ewige Jude“ zum Hass auf, hier ein Plakat aus dem Jahr 1938

The film Der ewige Jude opened on November 29th, 1940 throughout the German Reich. Each city where the film played had it's own posters. In the Altenkirchen district of Betzdorf, the film was described as a "documentary film about world Jewry". "It is unique because it is no fantasy, but undiluted reality."


At Der ewige Jude (The Eternal Jew), a Nazi anti-Jewish propaganda exhibition, a case features typical Jewish external features. Munich, Germany, November 1937.


Propaganda postcard "Und ihr habt doch gesiegt" with complete set of the WHW issue and special cancellation "Der ewige Jude", cancelled.


The concept of the "Wandering Jew" is far older than National Socialism. It derives from a literary and popular legend, about a Jew who mocked or mistreated Jesus while he was on his way to the cross and who was condemned therefore to a life of wandering on earth until Judgment Day. The story of this wanderer was first recorded in the chronicles of Roger of Wendover and Matthew of Paris during the thirteenth century. The exact nature of the wanderer's indiscretion varies