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Oh my gosh... Imagine waking up to any of these... I'd never leave the bed, just stare at him... (I do that with my hubby sometimes. Man, I hate when he wakes up...)

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Supernatural 11x10 The Devil in the Details // Cas & Dean

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Aww look at castiels face in the last one hes all like its okay ive looked at your s to

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The Supernatural Book Club

The Supernatural Book Club

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Imagen de Jensen Ackles, supernatural, and castiel

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*cuddles Castiel and wipes his blood away and puts band-aids on his wounds and wuvs him endlessly*

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He doesn't have a harp, Dean!

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Dean + Castiel #spn #destiel

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Cosplay | Supernatural | Jensen being Sam, Jared being Castiel, and Misha being Dean

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