This pin is a parody of how Covergirl is advertising something that plays on people's desires. It is the opposite of "presenting figures of glamour that consumers can envy and wish to emulate, people who are presented as already transformed, and bodies that appear perfect and yet somehow attainable" (274). Many times the makeup industries and magazines hold women to a standard that isn't attainable at all; with constant photoshopping and airbrushing.

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In the United States Nike is coined as being the hero of the athletic world. Buying their products will allow you to make all your personal and athletic goals attainable because suddenly you can "just do it". But as consumers we forget who has to make these products. This culture jamming ad displays the reality of where Nike products come from and what "just doing it" looks like to children in other countries. Photo found on Pinterest.

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Culture jamming

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Culture Jamming

Vogue Korea, February 2008 Photo: An Ji Sup. In a sense this is a type of culture jamming because it uses a very famous painting,The Mona Lisa, and the idea behind it I would imagine would be they are jamming the culture of makeup. This painting was done before the time of the existence of makeup and is renounced as one of the most beautifully done paintings. So to have a people "prepping" her is a ludicrous idea. \

Right? Apple is one of the largest companies, with a loyal following worldwide. But when you get down to it, each of us are certainly overpaying for products that have simple upgrades or updates. Sometimes they may not even be noticeable! This is a great example of taking advantage of a brand that people will pay for. Photo found on pinterest

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Summary: This is example of culture jamming through a coke ad i found on pinterest. Caption: This ad relates to the article "Political Culture Jamming." Pop as many people know is very unhealthy for you. However, every coke ad is basically saying you are not enjoying life unless you drink coke. This ad is simple and gets the point across that drinking coke makes you fat.-Joseph Traini

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From AdBusters, the Culture Jamming headquarters. Absolute vodka absolute AA

A brief history of culture jamming | Tick Yes Blog

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