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Allison Argent (Crystal Reed)'s hair from season 3 of Teen Wolf. Adorable.

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Crystal Reed - Allison Argent Love the light eyeshadow, full eyelashes, top liner and bottom lashes

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I'm going to miss Allison, but I'm also going to miss the archery part of this show. I always loved seeing all the different bows and styles on Teen Wolf and I hope that doesn't go away entirely with her character.

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Crystal Reed. Hair crush. I'm really obsessed with her cut and color.... maybe I will get this when I turn 20 as a fresh start

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Crystal Reed #Instagram

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Awsome flashback photo of Dylan O'Brien, Crystal Reed, Holland Roden and Tyler Posey on the set of Teen Wolf!

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Audrey Hepburn by Leo Fuchs on the set of The Nuns Story, 1959

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Crystal Reed

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