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Damn it


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: Kraft meines Amtes.jpg von Nogula

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27 Things Only Developers Will Find Funny

This eternal conundrum | 27 Things Only Developers Will Find Funny

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Updated Software Development Cartoon, a classic inspired in a marketing cartoon.

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Cookies löschen

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So ist es!

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Computer humor w/Cookie Monster & Oscar the Grouch

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Verrückte Amazon-Artikel

Computer Window Wall Sticker Mehr

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Everything Is Broken

I changed all my password to incorrect, so whenever I forget, it will me "your password is incorrect."

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Bye everyone! I'll talk to all of you tomorrow! Thanks again to all of you who are there for me! I love you all so much! You guys are the best! And also... Congrats @Christopher Rans for all the votes! I'm pretty sure you're going to be Fandom Prom Prince! Love you lots! xx

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