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“Ein Buch lesen – für mich ist das das Erforschen eines Universums.” Marguerite Duras (1914-1996)

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hearts n stripes knitting color chart - to all the quilters, can you see this a quilt?

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undertale, frisk, sans, metryingtohelpmybrowithhishomework

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Reading Interactive Notebooks

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tunnel book - must make one day!

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Let it out, in any way. Even if it is known many years after ...

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I'm reading this just as breathing... great collection of creative reading related pictures

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Pablo Picasso: One of the topics featured in the Common Core Weekly Reading Review Set: 3 by The Teacher Next Door. Pinner said:Picasso Portrait Reference Laminate the chart for the kids to use and incorporate them as they please.

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Undertale Sans "helping" Frisk with homework. Same here, Sans, same here.

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