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Community Post: 10 Things Only Rough Collie Owners Would Understand

2."Rough Collies are sensitive dogs. A firm scolding & you’re given the classic melancholy look -Try fighting the urge to give into that beautiful heartbroken face." The caption for this pic also included “stubborn”, but I've never had a stubborn Collie. Very intelligent & bred to be independent thinkers to handle challenges that could arise while herding flocks, Collies want to please their owners, but can sometimes give you a piece of their mind while doing what you tell them to do :)…

When I was a little girl, my grandpa had a collie like this one named 'Stevie'... wonderful memories...


ROUGH COLLIE, Blue merle simply beautiful i have a sheltie and cannot begin to tell you how much i love him his name is Earle thank you ellie hamm


Beautiful collie. I grew up with one as a child and she was so loving and protective. She lived to be 19 years old and was a constant and devoted companion. Love you, Lassie. (Not very original name I know but we were young)


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The Shetland Sheepdog is related to the Rough Collie, both descended from Border Collies that inhabited Scotland. The Border Collies were brought to the Scottish island of Shetland and crossed with the Icelandic Yakkin, a small dog. By 1700, the Sheltie was completely developed. The dogs were used to herd and guard the sheep flocks of the Shetlands. Extremely smart, excelling at obedience competition. Some of the Sheltie’s talents include:herding, watchdog, agility, competitive obedience


Love, love, love collies, and in particular Scout and Piper. Jennifer and Jake, my covenant collies, see you in heaven.

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21 Before And After Photos Of Our Furry Friends

Growing Up: Before and after pics taken 4 years apart / We had one when I was little. They are beautiful dogs.