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A day in spoons

graphic spoon theory... I'm not willing to limit myself to 20 spoons. I will work my way to unlimited spoons. Also, showering takes like 5 spoons haha

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Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain and Other Medical Conditions Not Objectively Diagnosed - How to Best Prepare Your Case

I get a lot of questions about fibromyalgia and other medical conditions that rely on subjective reporting by patients.  These cases are more difficult to win due to a lack of objective medical evidence. A typical question I receive is as follows: “I’m 44 yrs old and have been suffering for many years with fibromyalgia …


I am still learning and it is a hard road to travel. It has been the very best gift I could ever give myself <3

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10 Questions To Help You Get To The Source Of Your Chronic Pain & Heal

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Chronic Illness Cat meme》[Image: 6-piece blue colored background with a Siamese cat.Text reads: Top:]** "Too tired to stay awake. Too much pain to sleep, CRY!"》 FIBRO