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What Is Chromatin?

What Is Chromatin?: This is an illustration of a chromatin fiber unraveling progressively. It unravels to reveal nucleosomes (8 histones with DNA wrapped round them) and the various bases in the DNA molecule.


DNA - Verpackung und Chromatin

Lerne DNA - Verpackung und Chromatin verständlich per Video erklärt auf!

DNA-Strukturen - Chemgapedia

Chromatin, Histones, and modifications


'In leukemia cells it is often the case that genes are reactivated that, in physiological terms, mediate the self-renewal of blood stem cells. In a common subtype of acute myeloid leukemia, this abnormal activation of such self-renewing genes is apparently caused by structural modifications of the DNA packaging. A targeted drug-based inactivation of the two chromatin regulators will interrupt the self-renewing program, thereby causing leukemia cells to revert to normal blood cells.'

Silencing Surprise— A chromatin remodeler in embryonic stem cells clears the DNA for mRNA transcription while stifling the expression of noncoding transcripts.


A nucleosome is the basic repeating unit of eukaryotic chromatin. In a human cell, about six feet of DNA must be packaged into a nucleus with a diameter less than a human hair. A single nucleosome consists of about 150 base pairs of DNA sequence wrapped around a core of histone proteins. The nucleosomes are arranged like beads on a string. They are repeatedly folded in on themselves to form a chromosome.