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Chile flagge

Chile Clip Art | Flag Map of Chile Flags 2011 Clip Art SVG commons ...




Chile Flag 3x5 Brand NEW 3ft x 5ft Pride Banner by Flagline. Save 71 Off!. $4.98. 3' x 5' Polyester Flag.'s standard flags of UN Nations are constructed with high quality, Ultra-Knit 100% Polyester. These flags also have a cotton heading and brass grommets. They feature accurate, colorful and durable 3x5' reproductions of the various countries' flags.

My life tbh  Found via the Polandball Facebook page

My life tbh Found via the Polandball Facebook page


Chile Flag colors - Chile Flag meaning history


Dinner time with Canada!

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Chile's Flag What the colors and symbols mean. Star represents- progress and honor. Blue represents- The sky and the Pacific Ocean. White represents- "for the snow covered Andes, Red represents- the blood that has been spilled to achieve independence.

Bandera de la República de Chile.


Distribution of the pre-Hispanic people of Chile

So you say you speak Spanish? A little guide to speak Chilean language

Chile flag