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26. Apr: Heute ist Jahrestag der Katastrophe von Tschernobyl!  #Tschernobyl

26. Apr: Heute ist Jahrestag der Katastrophe von Tschernobyl! #Tschernobyl

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Chernobyl-TOUR - Journeys to Pripyat, ChNPP

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Hidden Beauty, Abandoned, Reclaimed By Nature, Can You See Beyond The Ruins?

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I can't find any information on this...but I bet it was part of the Dharma Initiative.

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Bumper car at Chernobyl.

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This is a good example of how to add vegetation to a skyscraper. It might end up being too small of an image for much detail but you can be the judge of that.

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Νature strikes back (Chernobyl) In the scheme of geological time, the harm human's have caused the planet may be overgrown in the geological blink of an eye.

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30+ of the most beautiful abandoned places and modern ruins i’ve ever seen


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Chernobyl/Pripyat Exclusion Zone Chernobyl visit - February 2008 View of the amusement park from the top of the 16 story residential apartment building facing the central square of Pripyat. This photo has been featured in the Beauty in Decay book!

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[Galería] Chernobyl a 28 años del accidente.

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