Sometimes I have a hard time believing Channing Tatum is actually real

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BERRY hot men: Black & White (32 photos)


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Yep, Channing Tatum Was a Stripper (and Tells Us All About It!)

((FC: Channing Tatum)) Yo! I'm Mason, Lillian's older brother. I'm over protective of her. If you hurt her I hurt you. Straight and single Pringle ready to mingle. I'm 17. *I laugh softly to myself* Come say hey!

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Photo (So Handsome, It Hurts)


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Foxcatcher (2014)


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UHHHH!! <3

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Almost Magic- the making of the new film Magic Mike-June29th,2012

2 This haircut best represents planar/high graduation soc combination form I…

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Mahh dudee

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Channing Tatum More

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