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Ceres Planet

The brightest area on dwarf planet Ceres stands out amid shadowy, cratered terrain in a dramatic new view from our Dawn spacecraft, taken as it looked off to the side of the dwarf planet. Dawn snapped this image on Oct. 16, from its fifth science orbit, in which the angle of the sun was different from that in previous orbits. Dawn was about 920 miles (1,480 kilometers) above Ceres when this image was taken -- an altitude the spacecraft had reached in early October. Credits…

3-Mile-High 'Pyramid' and Bright Light On Ceres Planet - Unexplained Mysteries Tags: ceres ceres pyramid ceres planet pyramid nasa spots pyramid ceres bright light nasa pyramid on ceres ceres pyramid mystery bright light on ceres ceres planet mysterie unexplained unexplained mysteries space science

Ceres - Planet X - NIBIRU WAY Too Close in 2015 - Cover UP! Alien Contac...

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NASA releases new photos showing strange lights on dwarf planet Ceres


Gravity Helps Scientists Peer Inside Ceres’ Core -- This artist's concept shows a diagram of how the inside of Ceres could be structured, based on data about the dwarf planet's gravity field from NASA's Dawn mission. Learn more at #Space #Dawn #Ceres #Planet #OuterSp

NASA Dawn Sends Amazing Picture Of Dwarf Planet Ceres - VALUEWALK #NASA, #Ceres, #Planet, #Science

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NASA releases new photos showing strange lights on dwarf planet Ceres

A NASA spacecraft that's nearing dwarf planet Ceres has returned new images showing the mysterious lights that have scientists scratching their heads.

Pluto was demoted to dwarf planet status in 2006, joining Eris, Haumea, Makemake and Ceres.

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NASA Probe Snaps Stunning New Pics of Dwarf Planet Ceres