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Ceres Planet

von Mashable

NASA releases new photos showing strange lights on dwarf planet Ceres

A NASA spacecraft that's nearing dwarf planet Ceres has returned new images showing the mysterious lights that have scientists scratching their heads.

von Business Insider

NASA found a mysterious ice volcano that's half the size of Mt. Everest on this former planet

Ceres might not be a planet. And it might not be king of the asteroids. But it’s…

This map of Ceres made from images taken by NASA's Dawn spacecraft shows the locations of about 130 bright areas across the dwarf planet's surface highlighted in blue. Most of these bright areas are associated with craters.

Helle Flecken auf Ceres jetzt in höchster Auflösung . . . . . . Abb.: NASA/UCLA/MPS/DLR/IDA/PSI