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Caligula Horse

Salvador Dali - Caligula's Horse (Dali's Horses) -1971, Lithograph.


Caligula(b.12-41AD): 3rd emperor of Rome(followed Tiberius Claudius Nero) who suffered a "brain sickness" in AD37 and thus became crazy; c. 38 makes his horse a consular and gives him a marble stall; Goes to make Britania a Roman province, but after arriving, commands his men to, instead of fighting, collect seashells and parades them through Rome; Declares himself a god-king; Assassinated in 41 via his Praetorian Prefect(comparable to the head of the Secret Service)


Caligula as commander-in-chief, in armor, wearing an oak leaf wreath. On January 24th, AD 41, the emperor Caligula was stabbed to death in Rome. On the same day, portraits of Caligula were thrown into the Tiber. Three of the c. 45 known portraits of Caligula were in fact found in that river. "This cuirass bust is one of them."

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Famous, and infamous, animals in history. The Asp, Caligula's Horse, and other Famous Pets.

Simon was the only cat to ever be awarded "The Dicken Medal" which was the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross. He was the ship's cat aboard HMS Amethyst, which was stranded in China during the civil war in 1948. While the ship was trapped, Simon killed hundreds of rats and mice. He almost single-handedly prevented the crew from starving, as without him all their supplies would have been eaten by the rodents. He was awarded the medal but unfortunately died before it could be presented.

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Caligula's Horse Incicatus - Yahoo! Voices - (Statue of Caligula in the British Museum. The identity of the horse he is riding is unknown.)

<h2>Opeth 'Sorceress' Debuts at # 7 on the Aria Chart and Caligula's Horse announced as Australian and NZ Tour Support</h2> Hot on the heels of their m ...

Umm the way my horse acts. This is a must for fair costume class..... Or at least an option!


Caligula, pre-principate Incitatus, Caligula's horse, was said to be spoiled. Roman Emperor Caligula, built a stable of marble and covered him with great luxurious robes of lavish color. Before each race, Caligula would sleep beside Incitatus and order a silence in the city punishable by death. It is unclear if Calicula was insane or just trying to provoke the Senate by making ridicule of them by offering to give Incitatus the rank to perform Senate duties.


Caligula actually had mental issues... I'm not even kidding... Caligula also means "Little Boots"