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Not as cute as Gimli, but pretty darn cute. :) cairn terrier | Cairn Terrier Welpen vom Züchter kaufen

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Rufus the pup took a moment to reflect during our sunset walk the other night... - Imgur

Cairn Terrier puppies are so cute! Looks just like Charlie! Cairns are adorable, but they do have an attitude!

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westie & cairn terrier

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long haired jack russell | Happy Holly the short haired Jack Russell Terrier (That is not a jack russell terrier. It looks like a Cairn Terrier)

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The Cairn Terrier comes in a variety of colors. All are attractive, and you will love your Cairn Terrier whatever color he turns out to be. It can be difficult if not impossible to predict adult color based on the puppy coat. Color changes in many Cairn Terriers continue for years, most brindles eventually becoming very dark, bordering on black. Some wheatens and reds also darken while others may remain light.

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I can't have a dog just yet, but the Cairn Terrier is on my list of dogs I want!

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Non-Shedding Dogs: A List of Small, Mid-Sized, and Large Dogs That Don't Shed

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Cairn Terrier puppy So overjoyed that we are getting our new Cairn puppy in January., We are a terrier family. Love'em.

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