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Buttery Rowies


Aberdeen Butteries - Rowies / #ScottishRecipe for a flaky, buttery, pastry-like bread roll

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Fast Breads' Buttery Rowies


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Aberdeen Butteries Rowies Recipe:_ Butteries Butteries are named after their high lard content. They are also known as morning rolls and rowies and are a traditional Aberdeen roll. The best way to describe their look and taste is a saltier, flatter and greasier Croissant.

Fast Breads' Buttery Rowies Recipe on Yummly

Aberdeen Buttery Rowies - Gluten-free version.

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Rowies (Aberdeen Butteries)

Rowies (Aberdeen Butteries)-the Scottish equivalent of the French croissant but saltier and denser (and made from lard rather than butter) Heart-attack on a plate I know

You will never taste anything sooo good: Rowies. Just looking at the pic reminds me of my childhood :) Mmmmm