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Bus Nach Amsterdam

Direkt am alten Hafen von Volendam am Ijsselmeer: Schöner Marinapark mit Hallenbad, Animationsprogramm und jeder Menge Wassersport-Vergnügen. Und mit dem Bus sind es sogar nur 22 Minuten nach #Amsterdam!


How to Buy the Oyster Card (transit) in advance overseas...

After traveling to Brazil for the Arnold Miami for a day Amsterdam for 12 hours and Germany for a week all in one trip...I wasn't done traveling. I took a detour by myself to Kraków Poland. It was a nightmare rebooking my flights and booking hotel rooms last minute...literally...5 hours before my make it happen but it was important for me to go. I went to Poland so I could walk through the Auschwitz concentration camp. On the shuttle bus to Auschwitz we watched a graphic movie…

Happy Sunday lovely Insta crew! Ja Ja! Ich bin heute die erste hier! Aber auch nur, weil ich meinen Sohn gleich zum Bus in die City bringen möchte. Der fährt heute nach Amsterdam zum Konzert vom Electric Light Orchestra! Tschühüüüssss! #interior_and_living #whiteliving #inredning #stilinspiration #interior_magasinet #wohnkonfetti #asafotoninspo #scandinavian #nordic #whitehome #paintedfurniture #chalkpaint #ilovemyinterior #whiteinterior #wohneninweiss #boligmagasinet #chanelstyle


To B&B or not to B&B…

After leaving Amsterdam at 9.30am we made our way back to the bus station, we arrived very early and waited patiently, Sally even made a friend in the form of a duck in the car park and aptly named...

espresso bus at neighbourfood market // amsterdam


WOW!!! That’s the word you would utter probably after seeing this fantastic floral display. Wanna know where it is located? Well, the stunning landscape is a part of Keukenhof, which is also known as the Garden of #Europe. There’s even more surprises – it is the world’s largest flower garden. Fly to #Amsterdam and take a bus from Schiphol to reach the small town of Lisse in the Netherlands, where Keukenhof is located. #travel #holidays #mustseeplaces


Day 183:A long day of travel today, with more than half of it spent up in the air.After breakfast at the hotel I took the shuttle bus to the airport.KLM were on time and half empty, so I had plenty of space on the long haul to Amsterdam.Again I had over five hours to kill at Schiphol so used two lounges and a bar to do so.Back home just after midnight to collapse into bed.The Beer:Natte from Brouwerij’t IJ of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.Good stuff


Retreat of German soldiers after their surrender in an advanced and camouflaged bus, checked by residents and allied soldiers, The Hague (May 1945)