Buddha paintings, 100% handpainted by skilled artist More

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"It is very important to see your life not only from the narrow view of your egoistic telescope but also from the broad view of the universal telescope called egolessness. This is why we have to practice. Right in the middle of the stream of time, we have to open our eyes there and see the total picture of time." ~ Dainin Katagiri

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Armbänder - Perlen Armband gelb Buddha gold - ein Designerstück von saniLou bei DaWanda

22" Shakyamuni Buddha Gold Gilded Face Painted Copper Statue Tibetan Style Nepal

gold foil mandala

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“Just as gold is tested by being burnt, cut and rubbed, the learned should accept my words only after examining them, not simply out of faith or other such reasons.” -Buddha Shakyamuni

Buddha USB Buddha Gold Finished Stone Lamp by MountainArtCasting

Buddha Gold, Coral, and Turquoise Prayer Box Locket

Vintage lady Buddha gold black enamel earrings with by rowynbaby

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