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Bronchitis Kleinkind

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Bronchiolitis In Toddlers - Causes, Symptoms And Treatments

11 Serious Signs And Symptoms Of Bronchitis In Toddlers


Oranges: If you catch a cold or flu while pregnant, you're five times more likely to develop a serious complication such as pneumonia or bronchitis. Oranges are an ideal source of vitamin C, which increases your immunity. Stick with Florida ones over mandarin -- they pack in three times more C.

As a very wise woman once put it, “Bronchitis? Ain’t nobody got time for that!” Unfortunately, it’s bronchitis season and the illness will strike some of us whether we’ve got room in our schedules for it or not. It will bring, of course, all its nasty symptoms like: Cough Excess mucus production Fatigue Difficulty breathing …


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Wrapped Ginger- Removes Mucus form the Lungs & Treats Bad Cough in Just 1 Night, Great for Children and Adults!


Toddlers and Nebulizers: 6 Tips for Delivering Asthma Medication. It is stressful and complicated delivering asthma medications to a toddler, who is between one and three years old. Getting them to do simple tasks is a challenge, but convincing them to allow a large nebulizer mask over their face for an extended period of time can prove tricky. Fortunately, you can utilize the following six tips for making the nebulizer treatment a little less bumpy. #livingwithasthma

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