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IFLYIING Outdoor Ultra-Compactable Lightweight Sleeping Bag,Camping Envelope Sleeping Bags with Compression Bag (Red). High quality, durable, easy to use. Provides you a warm and cosy sleep in the cold night when outside;. Comfortable temperature scale: 15℃-5℃,Suitable for spring, summer and fall;. Super lightweight, comfortable and space-saving when folded; zipper opening on one full side and pull part in both inner and outer side;. For the environment: mountain climbing, hiking, camping...

C 5, 20 pa./10 c. Floreale - da Janina Uff. Post. Italiano 20.12.06 in Germania.

Bottom [L]: "An extravagant sea monster with an elephantine trunk spraying mist, from Gerard Mercator, 'Europae descriptio, emendata' (Duisburg, 1572) (Weimar, Herzogin Anna Amalia Bibliothek, Kt 080-44 S). Bottom [R]: "An icthyocentaur playing a viol on the map of Scandinavia in Ortelius's 'Theatrum orbis terrarum'* (Antwerp, 1571) (British Library, Maps.C.3.c.5., map 45)"


Features: - Durable—lasts approximately 3,000 strikes. - Improved stainless steel striker and ergonomic handles. - Built-in emergency whistle. - Produces a 3,000°C (5,400°F) spark and works when wet. - Compact and lightweight. - Lights campfires, stoves, gas-barbecues, etc. - Bright spark – can be used as emergency signal. - Compatible with Leave No Trace ethics. - Weight: 0.95 oz. (27 g). - Pink


C 5/85, 10 c. Umberto I mill. 85 (cartoncino leggero).

Costantinopoli - I em. locale 2 pi./50 c. (5) su framm. ann. Costantinopoli II * Poste Italiane 1.6.08. I giorno d'emissione. Raro, tiratura 200 es. - Cert. storico Guglielmo Oliva del 1959.

Malaya, 1942, Perak, registration envelope 15 C. uprated s. l. kanji 6 C./5 C. (pair) and 25 C. canc. "Penang 2603 9 3” adressed local


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C 5/89, 10 c. Umb. - racc. da Bologna 25.10.89 con Umb. 5 20 c. (37 39). Rara. Cert. Bot.