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Briefmarken Deutsches Reich Wert

Briefmarke: “PFENNIGE” with final “E”. (Deutschland (Deutsches Reich)) (Eagle) Mi:DR 34,Sn:DR 32,Yt:DR 33

4 hitler Stamps That Survived World War II. These are Real Hitler Deutsches Reich Third Reich Nazi Stamps (1941-1944). Unused, in Extremely Good Condition, with Glue.**** Disclaimer - I do not support Nazi Ideology, I only offer this for its historic and collector value

: GERMANY - CIRCA 1923: old German postage stamp shows the inflation during the Deutsches Reich, value 50 billions marks, Germany, circa 1923.


Madeira Ceres, three proofs without value tablet on ungummed chromo paper in blue, reddish and greenon rose, fine Lot condition (*) Dealer Christi...


Major Gerhard Stamp --- Flugzeugführer 1.(K)/Lehrgeschwader 1 -

German Post China 1 1/2 Dollar on 3 Mk., war issue in perforation "B", overprinted value to the right in overprint color "dark vermilion", mint never hinged i...


German Empire 1926; Duerer 80 Pfg. brown block of four, mint never hinged from (plates) upper margin. Michel value 2,600.- €. Dealer Edgar Mohrmann Auct...


NAZI KdF WAGEN SAVINGS STAMP BOOKLET-The prospective buyer had at a DAF - or KdF department, the Bank of the German Labor or the Commerzbank weekly acquire Spar chips with a value of at least five Reichsmark. There savings cards were issued that (with red marks) and from the end of 1941 blue (with green marks) were initially yellow. The "KdF-savers" also received a brochure. After banking of RM 750.00 (equivalent to three savings cards) received savers assigned an order number,

German Empire, 1918/23 inflation issues 20 million Mk rouletted, multiple franking with 50 values reverse on correctly franked Aktenbrief from Berlin 6. 11. 23 to Nikolassee, compl...


Description German documentary tax stamp 1936 Erler 11 steps watermark (ascending L to R facing) 200 RM value.