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Mathias macht sich fertig für die Trauung! Meine Hochzeit in Bilder auf HoPla!

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Forage Bow Ties. I think I want to attempt to make a bow tie one of these days. Add it to the list of things to do/will never get done but fun to talk about

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These are my wire stick people! I made this for my best friend. I take a large gauge wire (19 gauge) and make a circle for the head, a straight piece for the body, and bend two pieces (in the correct way to resemble hands and feet) for the limbs. I use a smaller gauge wire (28) to tie it all together. Then I use old scraps of fabric (cut into triangles) to make dresses and hot glue them on after tying bows with embroidery floss. Then I hot glue them to one of my little sisters play blocks…

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Rob Greer Photography - Huge Wedding Party at Ambassador Mansions and Gardens: This is the largest collection of bridesmaids, groomsmen, and bridesmen that I've ever photographed. To save you the effort of counting faces, there are forty-six (46) men, women, and children in this incredibly huge wedding party. I'm often asked why the bride and groom chose so many folks to be attendants in their wedding and I can only answer for the groom's side. In his case, his groomsmen included lifelong…

This makeup book shows the changes in makeup styles over these decades and provides practical, easy-to-follow steps and guidance in recreating a lovely vintage face. Description from I searched for this on

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Mascara Business Card Trick - YouTube