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Those eyes beautiful black panther. Fun fact: Black panthers can adapt to any climatic condition and survive both cold and warm environment. This is the reason why they have been able to survive even after the endangerment of their habitats by rapid deforestation and extreme hunting.

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"The Black Panther" One of the rarest animal on the planet!

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Black Panther in yellow flowers #LIFECommunity #Favorites From Pin Board #16

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If only big cats were domestic enough to be pets. Realistically, I mean.

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Black Panther says it with a roar!

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Desvre More

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RIP Orson. With great sadness we report that Orson, the beloved black jaguar, passed away today. He was euthanized after staff recognized that his increasingly geriatric condition was affecting his quality of life. Orson was almost 22 years old--a very advanced age for his species--and was a well-known resident of the Zoo.

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Adorable Black Panther Cub

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~~panther | n elusive and powerful animal that has adapted well to a variety of habitats around the world, and is known to be one of the strongest climbers of all felines | wikipedia~~

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