Robin's bikini t-shirt. #bikini #tee

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Funny And Sexy Robin Bikini T-shirt

sexy womens bikini t shirt dress How I Met Your Mother Robin Cover Up T-Shirt-

TV Serious How I Met Your Mother Robin Sexy Bikini Tee T-shirt Women Loose Fan in Entertainment Memorabilia, Television Memorabilia, Merchandise & Promotional | eBay

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Friends- shirt still cool

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I signed up for the Nearly Naked Mile, which benefits the Burn Center at the Washington Hospital Center. I'm hoping to track down a bikini shirt like Robin wore to Lily and Marshall's Atlantic City near-wedding on How I Met Your Mother to wear to it.

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last time I did this, the pants sold out in 30 minutes...fingers crossed that this isn't a pintrest curse

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Cobie Smulders

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@Jessica K. i think of you everytime i see that bikini shirt

Robin scherbatsky bikini shirt #himym

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