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Alles Gag(a) oder was? Willkommen im schlechtesten Hotel der Welt

Sorry, dass wir die Besten darin sind, ihre Wünsche zu ignorieren. Welch beißende Ironie, wenn ein Haus sich damit brüstet, auf Gästewünsche nicht einzugehen. Oder ist es womöglich gar kein Scherz?


We all want someone to notice, but as soon as they do, we wish they never did. So true. I've shown people my cuts, I've told them about my habits, and some don't seem to care. Some freak out and never talk to me again, and some leave me, and tell everyone, and make fun of me.


NOTE TO ANYONE WHOS FOLLOWING ME... (which I don't believe anyone is) but YEAH I've got a mostly depressing profile BUT I try to stay yound and fresh, I like poeticity and beauty so I hope you understand that in between 200 depression quotes you'll find pins of food and music. Its not because I'm being fake... its just how I am and plus I don't want anyone to feel triggered while on my profile... sincerely yours, xx c: