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Violet Lakeman - an ordinary London girl gifted with magic after an explosion in her father's laboratory.

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My favorite song of all times. Just love the sadness.

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Dancing to the music DRAGONFLY ART on antique by BlackBaroque

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Song Smile by Charlie Chaplin, with lyrics for vocal performance and ...

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Peaceful Petal® Flower Water Burial Urn

Each Peaceful Petal® Flower Water Burial Urn is a beautiful white flower urn, hand created with French paper. The Peaceful Petal in white resembles many flowers, especially a white rose. White roses are a symbol of honor, spiritual love and respect; which is why they are perfect to remember a loved one. White roses also symbolize light, innocence, purity and a spiritual union between the departed soul and God in heaven.

R.I.P. Rob......LYRICS: If ever I would leave you - It wouldn't be in summer. Seeing you in summer - I never would go. Your hair streaked with sun-light - Your lips red as flame Your face with a lustre - That puts gold to shame! But if I'd ever leave you - How could it be in autumn. How I'd leave in autumn - I never would know. I've seen how you...

Viking prayer to Odin. You know you feel te ancient good, folk ways calling you; it's right. Let it shine within you and your actions. 9 novel virtues.

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▶ Boyzone sing at Stephen Gately's funeral "In This Life" - YouTube

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| and i'm preparing for a burial at sea but I can't see the lighthouse yet i'm praying that these waters don't take me cause I can't see the lighthouse | inspired by the song "Waves" by @therealtdh. Go buy Act IV now because it's amazing.

Gordon Lightfoot - The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald ('79)

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