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How To Gain Trust and Credibility At Work -

Location: Graffiti in the background of a scene between Wolf and Red. He is seducing her. Because the Wolf doesn't want to eat her in this story...he wants to consume her. In more ways than one. The story ends with Red's grandmother dead, and Red and Wolf in a very twisted relationship with a lot of blood on their hands. (8)

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Knowing when to say no: the end of a long-term relationship

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7 Things to Remember After Breaking Up With A Soulmate

Relationships with a soulmate can be difficult yet rewarding experiences. Here are 7 things to remember after ending a relationship with a soulmate

I love how at the end of the episode they just shot in a second of badass Mary feminism, back in modern times, especially after seeing her as a suffragette in the 19th century. More