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It seems like everyone in the Seven Kingdoms wants a shot at the Iron Throne…and now you can take a few shots of your own. We started using these awesome shot glasses to take a drink every time one of our favourite characters was killed off, but we nearly nearly ended in hospital for alcohol …

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Dutch alcoholic man allowed to die under euthanasia laws because of drink problem

An alcoholic who could no longer live with his addiction has been allowed to die in the Netherlands under its euthanasia law. Details of the story emerged after Mark Langedijk's brother, Marcel, wrote an emotional account of his sibling's decision to end his life because of a long-term drink problem in the magazine Linda. Marcel said his brother chose the day he wanted to die and was surrounded by his family when he was given a lethal injection by a doctor at his parents&am...

What's on the end of your bar? #drinks #whiskey #absenthe #bar #alcohol #homebar #treats #beer #brew #shots #vintage #wine #spirits

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Chocolate Liqueur Maple Peanut Butter Latte

This Chocolate Liqueur Maple Peanut Butter Latte is a great after dinner digestif drink. The sweet maple and peanut butter syrup and chocolate liqueur pair extremely well with espresso or strongly brewed coffee, and creates the sweet end that every meal needs. This post is sponsored by Drizly. |


Let the dice decide your drink! I had the Royal Challenge (a whisky from India) Strawberry Basil Mint and Zingiber Crabapple. A great way to end the evening. -- #notch8 #drinking #drinks #drink #drink #alcohol #whiskey #whisky #fun #blogger

Captain Morgan Private Stock--Spiced Rum

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Matcha Kiwi Cheesecake im Glas

Matcha Kiwi Cheesecake im Glas #ichbacksmir #kaesekuchen


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