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Fishing girl from Pintupo, Bayano Lake, Panama... More info at:

Parrot walking in between Pintupo´s Community Houses (Guna Yala´s Ethnic Group), Bayano Lake, Panama.... More info at:

Day Trip Adventure to Bayano Lake from Panama City After the pick-up from your hotel in Pamama City you will go on land transfer to the Guna native community, where a boat will be waiting to take you all the way to the Bayano Lake. Upon reaching the caves, get ready to start this beautiful and impressive route over a canyon full of passages and huge caverns where you will find a variety of small animals that inhabit this ecosystem without sunlight. You will see huge ...

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Dog scratching his head at Pintupo Communty (Guna Yala´s ethnic group), Bayano Lake, Panama... More info at:

Rio Bayano I at the Gatun lake area (2009)

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tour impressive rock formations, wildlife and much more. Lake Bayano

Coast Eco Timber | Lake Bayano Species

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Panama with Kids: Trapped in a cave by a deadly snake

Panama with Kids: Trapped in a cave by a deadly snake! When exploring the caves at Lake Bayano we became separated from some of the children by an ‘equis’ – one the most dangerous snakes in Panama! Find out what happened here.... (Blog post includes video footage)

Bayano Lake Caves

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Bayano Lake cave bats