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Beistellbett "BabyBay" Maxi ist auch für Zwillinge geeignet und wird direkt am Bettrahmen befestigt. | #babyzimmer #babybett #holz


iA good idea: it is easier to remain in bad and rest if the baby is with us ( Baby)

Babybay, Maxi 160101, Co-Sleeper/Cot, The Big One, Ecru, Lacquered: Baby


This has to be the coolest crib I have seen, and for a breast feeding mother I can see this being more useful the a bassinet. It is called a BabyBay Maxi Cot.


BabyBay Maxi Cot Co-Sleeper® & Bedside Sleepers -

Babybay Maxi Bedside Cot: The BabyBay Maxi Cot features a wider base and is ideal for twins or babies who need a little more space.


Baby Furniture & Bedding BabyBay Maxi Cot

Babybay, Maxi 160101, Co-Sleeper/Cot, 'The Big One', Ecru,


BABYBAY® Beistellbett "Maxi" online bei baby-walz kaufen. Nutzen Sie Ihre Vorteile: mehr Auswahl, mehr Qualität, alle großen Marken und Modelle!

The original award-winning BabyBay bedside cot is one of the safest, easiest and best ways to sleep alongside your new baby. The BabyBay provides all the benefits of a co-sleeping environment with none of the perceived drawbacks as the cot securely attaches to the parents bed providing peace of mind that baby is safe within his or her own separate sleeping area.