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Agnes von Waiblingen – Stammmutter der Staufer und Babenberger-Herzöge

Aureole of Madonna with Holy Child (resembling the Miraculous Mexican depiction of the Virgin of Guadaloupe) sacred inspiration for Babenberger Markgraf Leopold III. (1095-1136) mit seiner Gattin Agnes, der Witwe des Babenberger Staufer Kaisers Friedrich nb imperial inventory tagged with mystical penta-vowels [ ÆIΩU ] at upper left

Bayerische Ostmark, marcha Orientaiis = Eastern Marches (borderlands or morava, named Osterrichl in 996 deed of donation at Briuchsal ) the western Franconian Babenberg family's Margraviate of Austria within the Duchy of Bavaria Christian conquest from Magyars and Rhaeto-Romance speakers remnants of which remain today in parts of northern Italy (Friulian and Ladin) and in Switzerland (Romansh) Norman Popponids from Babenburg/ Bamberg


Agnes' veil - lost & found in 1114 AD by her husband Margrave of Babenberg (& my 2017 patron saint) heilige Leopold iii | Augustinian Abbey of Klosterneuburg foundation legend tells of discovery wife's precious head covering (traditional feminine worship in Catholic Church) | delights abound via blessed association - a dear lady friend's onomastico, refreshed memories of German proficiency; of a favorite sacred artifact The Verdun Altar & ecclesial edifice, Kirche am Steinhof

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Roman Miscellany: The Legend of St Leopold | illuminated Book of Hours meld old Austrian heraldic tinctures (Azure & or) with frankish Babenberg's Gules & argent) Radiant celestial aura of an "Eastern Dawn" surrounds heavenly reigning Madonna & Child (inspiration for founding of many religious houses and monasteries across the oriental marches of the Holy Roman Empire)

Leopold III., genannt der Heilige, der Milde oder der Fromme (* 1073 wahrscheinlich in Melk; † 15. November 1136 bei Klosterneuburg) aus dem Haus der Babenberger, war von 1095 bis 1136 Markgraf der bairischen Marcha orientalis (Ostmark/Ostarrîchi). Seit 1485 ein Heiliger der römisch-katholischen Kirche, wurde er zum Landespatron von Österreich im Allgemeinen sowie von Wien, Niederösterreich und, gemeinsam mit dem heiligen Florian, von Oberösterreich im Besonderen.

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Franz Joseph I., Kaiser von Österreich und Elisabeth, Kaiserin von Österreich

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Margaret of Austria (ca. 1204 – Krumau am Kamp, 29 October 1266), was a Queen Consort of Germany, 1225–35, titular Duchess of Austria in 1252–60, and Queen consort of Bohemia 1253–60. She first married Henry, King of Germany.The Austrian aristocracy offered the government of the duchies to Ottokar II of Bohemia. Ottokar only can take the control over Austria and Styria if he married one of the Babenberg heiresses. Ottokar decided to marry Margaret, 26 years his senior.

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Agnes von Babenberg, Margravine von Österreich; (Agnes Princess of Austria) my 24th great grandmother 1111-1157

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