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Ulli Lust - Vandaag is de laatste dag van de rest van je leven

Eine autobiografische Zeichnung: Jaber war unter anderem auch Boxer. 250 Zeichnungen von Jaber, dem Art Brut Künstler mit tunesischen Wurzeln, der in Paris als Maler und Strassenmusiker lebt, sind neben zahlreichen Arbeiten weiterer Künstler auf und www.aussenseiterk... zu finden.

A graphic memoir by Alison Bechdel about her own coming out as a lesbian and her discovery, only weeks before his death, that her own father was gay. (Mariner Books, 2007)

A memoir by author Judd Winick about Pedro Zamora who, at age 18, publicly shared his HIV positive diagnosis. Combating the stereotype of HIV as a consequence of moral defect, this important comic is compelling and informative, a possible inspiration to all those young teens struggling to form their identity. (Henry Holt and Company, 2000)

This article is a good overview of First Amendment issues around the Comics Code Authority. Too long and too high a reading level for direct use in the classroom, this is a good resource for the teacher. Use the information to develop a an aesthetics lesson about art and freedom of expression. Why does our country allow some restrictions to the First Amendment? (James D. McWilliams, Contributing Writer, Friday, October 24, 2003

A list of 20 free web and iPad and Android apps for making comics and cartoons. After exploring these tools yourself, students might enjoy exploring a tech format for making a comic. (Kelly Walsh at Emerging Ed Tech, Dec. 11, 2014)