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White Sport Medal display with photo frame. White mat

White-Sport-Medaille Display mit Fotorahmen. von StorageAndDisplay


Gymnast medals and score sheets display using curtain rods


House Crashing: John And Sherry Plus 8

Love this idea of displaying award ribbons on shutters from Richmond Homearama 2012


Swimming, Swimming awards ribbon holder, Swimming ribbon hanger, Display your swimming awards, Goals should never be easy. Michael Phelps

Swimming Swimming awards ribbon holder by runningonthewall on Etsy

What to do with those childhood ribbons?

Horse Show ribbons made into wall hangings. Love it! More

This would've been a far better thing to do than putting 10+ years worth in a pile and sending it up in smoke. (: Maybe in our next life... if we remember!

Have to remember this. I had used picture wire along the top of my entire room growing up. When I ran out of space, this would have helped!

A nice way to decorate while at the same time displaying your Horse Show Ribbons!


This is a great quilt made from the ribbons you win through the years....Lucky Fox Ribbons can sell you some ribbon heads, as well.