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sweatsalty: ULTIMATE WORK OUTS FOR YOUR BUTT Barbell/dumbbell exercises - These are what you need to do with heavy weight if you want to make your butt BIGGER. Everything else will help make your butt rounder and firmer, but will not add significant size. romanian deadlifts squats (really deep, feet wide and pointed out, knees pointed out too) bulgarian split squats barbell glute bridges/hip thrusts high step ups Cardio/plyometrics - This stuff is great for shaping your butt while…

12 moves to make your butt bigger . 1) Squat 2) Pile Squat 3) Bridges 4) Single leg row 5) Single leg bridge 6) Deadlifts 7) Sumo Squat Jumps 8) Leg Kick Back 9) Squat Front Kicks 10) Lunges 11) Single Leg Split Squat 12) Chair pistol Squat #homesquat by homesquat

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Obtén el trasero de tus sueños en sólo 5 movimientos

traseroejercicios Hazlos dos días sí y uno no, 3 series de 15 repeticiones cada una y verás los resultados

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10 Moves That Resize Your Thighs

1. Split Lunge Jump