Admit and Exit Slips - effective way to assess students’ understanding of new or old concepts. Admit Slips are done with the first 5 – 10 minutes of class. They can be written on a white board or students can jot them in their journals. Exits slips can be a ticket out of the class, not homework. Give students time to answer it before the end of class.

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This generic exit slip board can be reused for rotary classes and from year to year.

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Self assessment rubic, ticket out the door that gives teachers insight to students understanding

Let your #Exit #Slips do double duty for you! Change the labels on your baskets to assess your learners' perception about what they have learned and allow the Exit Slip itself to assess content.

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Exit Slips (Grades 3 - 6) - Assessing student learning has never been easier! This pack includes 250+ pages of exit slips. There are higher level thinking exit slips, self assessment exit slips, vocabulary exit slips, social media inspired exit slips, cross curriculum exit slips, and much more! $

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Ms. Walters 6th grade Language Arts Classroom My Exit Slip board. The numbers are actually folders for students to put slips in.

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Exit Slip Bulletin Board Set

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Get more out of exit slips: What Marzano's research tells us... Includes a link to FREE exit slip download!

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Twitter post review questions and let kids reply in laminated thought bubbles using dry erase markers

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Open-Ended Differentiated Exit Slips for Any Subject, K-5: Quick informal assessments to inform future instruction and potential remedial needs. $ #exitslips

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