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Attack The Block Trailer

Taehyung and Zico after their heart attacks on stage: OMG I LOVE THEM BOTH SOOOOOOOOOOOOO FREAKING MUCH. NO JOKE!! ...not sure which board to pin this on.. EJ

A totally epic "RV"... if you even want to call it that. Id totally live in one. :) @Kourbin Rogers

A totally epic "RV"... if you even want to call it that. Id totally live in one. :) @Kourbin Rogers


tracked this guy all the way to the city.. bad location. lots of blind spots. gotta keep our eyes peeled. especially for aerial attacks and traps


Then who is driving? by uberchicken Don't ever let Eren drive

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Under cabinet drawer Silverware Storage - Flatware Organizer


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Mondo Mania

Attack the Block-A great sci-fi film that also addresses stereotypes of poor Black English youth.


Berry and her kit Fern!! Berry has light blue eyes. She arrived at the Colony of Shadows just hours before she kitted. She lost a unnamed kit moments after birth, but she has moved on. Berry is shy but kind, and she can be snappy if you wrong her. Fern is nothing like her mother. She is outgoing and rough, sometimes too rough. She is ok with being a single kit and is glad she has blue eyes like her mother. She doesn't realize that she hasn't had a father figure all her life.


Jeremiah turned around to see who it was & just barely blocked a punch to his face. The man in the black mask laughed at him. Jeremiah stared at him, squinting as he tried to place the laugh. "What's the matter, Jerry? Don't know who I am?" Jeremiah shoved the fist towards his attacker & tripped backwards in horror. Marcus pulled his mask off & threw it to the ground. "I told you, you were going to get into trouble if you didn't drop your little girl friend." He grinned.