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Max Bygraves pictured at a Variety Club of Great Britain luncheon with Tommy Cooper and Arthur Askey

Mismatched travellers are stranded overnight at a lonely rural railway station. They soon learn of local superstition about a phantom train which is said to travel these parts at dead of night, carrying ghosts from a long-ago train wreck in the area. The travelers eventually get to the bottom of the things that go bump in the night. In between the scary bits, comedian Arthur Askey plays the gags with his Vaudeville style humor.


"Kiss Me Goodnight, Sergeant Major": Another humorous British entry, this 1939 soldier’s song was popularised by Arthur Askey. 10 Definitive Songs From World War Two | Made From History


Arthur Askey Arthur Askey (1900-1982) b. Liverpool, England. Arthur Askey The diminutive British comedian with a treasure-chest full of catch-phrases started his working life as a clerk with the Liverpool education Committee, and never quite lost the regional accent that penetrated his light speaking voice. His facility for making people laugh soon led him to the world of concert parties and piers and he had become a top seaside entertainer by 1926. He also enjoyed playing pantomime dames…

Simon says touch your nose, pat your head...


1943 - Miss London Ltd. - ARTHUR ASKEY - Val Guest | FULL MOVIE #Movie #youtube #mustsee

The radio and stage comedian Arthur Askey at the microphone at the EMI studios in Abbey Road - UK - 24 January 1949