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Arrow Schauspieler

36 Times Stephen Amell Proved He Is God's Gift To Mankind

Das Schicksal hinterlässt seine Narben Mehr

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More LOTR Commentaries - Imgur

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Grant Gustin and Colton Haynes for Arrow they're both #totesamaze.

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No wonder: Jay Tavarese lives his movie roles. His mother is a White-Mountain-Apache, he is deeply rooted in the traditions of his ancestors. The actor has fought for many years for the rights of the Native Americans, he supports the movement “Adopt an elder” that wants to improve the situation of elder people in the reservations. He is also fighting a desperate fight for the life of young Native Americans: many young people in the reservations commit suicide – and nobody really knows, why.

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Legolas... whattahunk! Mehr

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Lieblingsschauspieler auf einem Bild ♡

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Stephen Amell

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grant gustin i love you you are so hot.... <3 #theflash #mahbae

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