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USA treffen intransparente Auswahl für Texte in TTIP-Leseraum -

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German newsreader Caren Miosga, presenter on ARD channel's daily news magazine show 'Tagesthemen', paid tribute to Robin Williams during a segment on his death by standing on her desk in a reenactment of one of his most famous scenes. She made the gesture towards the end of last night's broadcast.

der schwarze Kanal titel graphic. The black, white and red sash on the (West German) Eagle's chest is the flag of the pre-World War I German Empire while the background view of rooftops/antennas represents a parody the 1960s logo of ARD's news programme Tagesschau.


Panellists at the 2012 LSE Polis Journalism Conference, Reporting the World: Antonio Preziosi, Director RAI Radio News and Radio Uno and Editor-in-Chief of Radio News; Peter Heilbrunner, Business Editor ARD-SWR; Lucian Sarb, Director of News and Programmes, EuroNews

The ARD television news spokeswoman Caren Miosga in front of the 18-meter-wide media wall.


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