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Arbeiten In Der Schweiz

The organ of the Saint-Pierre Cathedral, Geneva (Switzerland). The organ was built by the factors Metzler & Son Dietikon (Switzerland).


BRAUNVIEH CATTLE ORIGINATED: Switzerland. USE: Milk. Beef. NOTES: Docile and easy to work with. Braunvieh cattle imported to the United States in the 19th century were the origin of the modern Brown Swiss cattle breed, though the American breed differs from them today.


Velo Illustration 142: «We Can Bike To Work». Bike to work ist eine Aktion von Pro Velo Schweiz zur Fahrrad-Förderung. Schweizer Unternehmen motivieren ihre Mitarbeiter, den ganzen Monat Juni mit dem Velo zur Arbeit zu fahren. Bike to work wurde 2005 von der Migros mit damals 1600 Arbeitnehmern lanciert. Seit 2006 können alle Schweizer Unternehmen an Bike to work teilnehmen. 2014 wird mit 50'000 Teilnehmern gerechnet. [[MORE]]


"When are you the happiest?"
"When I’ve just finished a great tour and am able to work on a new album. I love to observe how a vision turns into reality, how words transform into a song. But I also have a life without music that fulfills me: I meet friends and go out for late night summer dinners."


Zürich 1974. Clint Eastwood in the movie "The Eiger Sanction". Great to work with him. Photo by Caesar Wille.


A group which began in Switzerland and migrated to the United States, the Amish still plow with horses and drive in black painted horse buggies. They also dress based on fashions from the time of the group's beginning.